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Founder and Chairman
Pratibha Jairath
FIA Chicago

Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) of Chicago

Welcome to FIA Chicago 501(c)(3) IL!
Greetings from the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) of Chicago—an esteemed, premier and non-profit organization uniting over 300,000 vibrant and culturally diverse Asian-Indians across the Chicago land and Mid-West regions. At FIA Chicago, we serve as the connective thread for our community, bridging local, state, and national fronts and fostering strong ties between the USA and the Indian Government.
Our spirited and vibrant festivities honoring Indian Republic Day, Indian Independence Day, and Diwali serve as powerful unifiers within the Asian-Indian community. Through collaborative efforts with allied associations, we have effectively tackled crucial matters spanning immigration, social welfare, and business interests. FIA remains steadfast in promoting civic engagement and advocating grassroots-level concerns that are integral to the Indian diaspora. Our proactive engagement with esteemed representatives in the US Congress and Senate and local elected officials drives impactful policy initiatives championed by the Indian American constituency.
Driven by our commitment to community welfare, we channel our efforts into charitable endeavors, focusing on education, immigration support, and medical aid. Transparency and active involvement define our operations, which are overseen by a dedicated Board of Directors elected annually. Embracing diversity across faiths, FIA takes pride in fostering inter-faith unity among our representatives.
We invite you to join us, engage, and raise your voice! FIA Chicago stands as your staunch advocate, always poised to listen, represent, and support you in all endeavors.
Jai Hind and God Bless America!


Federation of India Assocaition
Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) of Chicago

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