Chicago IL: Embarking on a new chapter, Federation of Indian Associations [FIA] Chicago, status 501(c)(3), a premier community umbrella organization — held its very first meeting of the year 2022 on Jan 05, 2022 (7PM to 8:30PM CT). The meeting was hosted virtually via zoom keeping in mind the growing number of covid cases, practically all over the news channels lately!

The meeting was called to order by Gen Secretary, Richa Chand, and presided over by Founder President Sunil Shah and President 2022 Hitesh Gandhi, and well attended by Team FIA Board Members: Executive Board members:  Rita Singh, Mukesh Shah, Dhitu Bhagwakar, Neil Khot, Gurmeet Singh Dhalwaan, Vinita Gulabani, Pratibha Jairath, Ashawani  Mahajan, Abir Maru, Anu Malhotra, Pika Munshi Neelam Jai, Directors: Mukesh Mike Shah, Bharat Malhotra, Jitendra Balsara, Mir Ali, Vidya Joshi, Chandni Kalra, Pratik Deshpande, Hemendra Shah, Kashif Khan and Advisory Board members: Keerthi Reevori & Suresh Bodiwala.

The meeting was focused on the New Year and the New Beginnings under the leadership of President Hitesh Gandhi. Opening speeches were delivered by Sunil Shah, Hitesh Gandhi and Founding Members Mukesh Shah, Rita Singh, Neil Khot, Dhitu Bhagwakar, followed by other members present. There were exciting new updates shared about the upcoming FIA event for celebrating India’s 73rd Republic Day. Date, Venue and other details were discussed. Due to the exponential spread of Covid-19, Team FIA decided that FIA will host a virtual event on Jan 29th, 2022. More to come on that!!

There was another Big Achievement accomplished during this session. Looking at the contributions and dedicated service provided to Team FIA over the past several years, spanning more than a decade, by Founder President Sunil Shah, many team members, supporters and friends of FIA had several times earlier suggested a title in the Team, that would be more befitting and suitable to match his selfless service, hard work & toil, and his of course his caliber, FIA Chairman!  Therefore, taking the opportunity Founding Member Mukesh Shah, introduced to the group, all the contributions made by Sunil Shah for FIA family and went on to propose that he be conferred the Title of Chairman of the Board. The motion was immediately seconded by Rita Singh, Neil Khot, Hitesh Gandhi and then strongly supported by Gurmeet Dhalwaan, Keerthi Reevori, Suresh Bodiwala, Vinita Gulabani, Pratibha Jairath, Ashwani Mahajan, Mir Ali, Abir Maru, Richa Chand, Pika Munshi, Neelam Jai and the entire team and the motion was passed unanimously by majority vote!! Everyone immediately started congratulating Sunil Shah ji and it was a moment of elation and great celebration within Team FIA!!

This meeting was a significant one, not just because it was the first meeting under the leadership of President Hitesh Gandhi, but it also marked a new beginning for the entire Team FIA, as it passed a long pending motion, and unanimously appointed Sunil Shah as FIA Chairman.

With this, the first meeting was adjourned with new hopes and visions of new horizons and taking FIA to greater heights!  And FIA thanks and greatly appreciates all sponsors, supporters & media partners for their unwavering support & trust in FIA.

Press release by: FIA Team

Photographs by: Asian Media USA

FIA Team Elect Sunil Shah As Chairman