The Federation of Indian Associations, Chicago celebrates the Festival of Holi with great enthusiasm


Chicago IL: The Federation of Indian Associations, Chicago (FIA) a 501 (C) 3 Organization celebrated the Festival of Holi with great enthusiasm at the Schaumburg Indian Grill in Schaumburg, Illinois, on April 16, 2023. The festival is a popular cultural event that brings people of Indian origin and other communities together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India.


The event was kicked off by emcees Vijay Muralidaran and Suchitra Kukreja, who introduced the FIA to the 400 plus people in attendance. The event was graced by the presence of Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, State Senator Laura Murphy, President Elect Oak Brook President Larry Herman and State Representative Michelle Mussman.


Jeetendra Bulsara regaled the audience with an upbeat song.


The Emcees then invited FIA Chairman and Founder President Sunil Shah & Mrs. Rita Shah, FIA President Vinita Gulabani, and Past Presidents Neil Khot and Hitesh Gandhi, on the Stage. Sunil Shah welcomed and thanked the people of Chicago land for turning up in large numbers for the event. He expressed his elation at the support for this one-of-a-kind event and thanked the sponsors for their support. He invited and recognized Grand Sponsor Chintan Patel of Indiaco, Pinky Thakkar, Brijesh Patel Core Exteriors and Guest of Honor Dr. Parag Doshi on the stage.


President Vinita Gulabani reminded the attendees that Holi is an important part of the country’s cultural heritage and is celebrated by people of all ages and backgrounds. She further explained that Holi celebrates the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Phalguna, which usually falls in February or March. Due to the cold in Chicago, the FIA celebrated Holi a bit later this year. She specifically thanked Satish Ambati of Schaumburg Indian Grill for his gracious and unstinted support to the event by providing the location and catering the food for the event. Past Presidents Neil Khot and Hitesh Gandhi also thanked the attendees for their support.


The FIA celebrated the Festival of Colors with great fervor. The festival is marked by the playing of colors, where people smear each other with colored powders and water. It is a time of joy, fun, and festivity, where people dance to the beat of drums and enjoy delicious food and sweets.


The FIA organized a colorful cultural program with 400 people in attendance, featuring dances by Students of Chicago Dance Varsity, choreographed by Dr. Puja Joshi, Maharashtra Mandal Shala Dhol Tasha Group performed their Dhol Tasha Lezim, Pratibha Jairath and Group, The ISCKON group performed their traditional dance invoking Lord Krishna and the grand finale dance by the members of the Board of the FIA. Minoo Vasudevan belted out feet-tapping songs.


Paulomi Mazumdar, a SaReGaMaPa contestant singer, regaled the audience with her melodious singing and brought the attendees to their feet and brought them to the floor.


The festivities then moved outside, where the DJ Saif and Dholi Sagar took center stage, providing the perfect backdrop for the crowds to celebrate Holi with colors and dancing.


The FIA would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to Asian Media for the excellent media coverage and Satish Ambati of Schaumburg Indian Grill for his gracious support.


The event was a huge success, and the FIA hopes to continue this tradition of celebrating the Festival of Holi for years to come, bringing together communities, and promoting the rich cultural heritage of India in the United States.